Sunrise Meditation and Counseling is a ministry of Ecumenical Christian Wellness Ministries LLC, directed by Dave Miller, LPC, NCC, MACC, MTS, and Lay Pastor.

Dave Miller is the author of Christian Tantric Meditation Guide.  He is also a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia.  His therapeutic orientation is Mindfulness Oriented Cognitive Behavioral.    Dave received his Masters in Community Counseling from Argosy University Atlanta, and his Masters in Theological Studies from Emory University in Atlanta .

Dave’s counseling expertise includes individual therapy, group therapy, and addiction treatment therapy.  Dave has helped people who suffer from a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, obsessive behaviors, codependency, and addiction.  Dave has also helped people struggling with career and personal direction issues,  and personal and workplace relationship issues.

Dave is also an experienced lay pastor, and a member of Nacoochee Presbyterian Church in Sautee Nacoochee Georgia.  He describes his theological orientation as “Ecumenical Christian,” as he believes that God reveals unconditional inclusive love for all of humanity.   As a lay pastor, Dave has experience working in church and homeless shelter environments, providing mission, liturgical, and spiritual discernment and direction services.

Dave has been receiving training, studying, practicing, and sharing various forms of meditation for decades.  Dave began by practicing what he calls “listening prayer” in combination with “Lectio Divina”  reading of Judeo-Christian Scripture.  From there Dave moved into a self emptying form of mindfulness practice.   Judeo-Christian centered  Guruyoga practice coupled with training in Cognitive Based Compassion Meditation led to the development of his publication “Christian Tantric Meditation Guide”.