Located in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains near Helen Georgia, Sunrise Meditation and Counseling offers Meditation Workshops, Mindfulness Oriented Counseling Therapy, Spiritual Discernment and Direction, and Addiction Recovery Workshops.

Why Meditation?  Our meditation programs are designed to help manage stress, release barriers to personal growth, encourage Spiritual growth, and increase compassion for self and others.  We share techniques that have been in practice for thousands of years, presented in a manner consistent with Judeo-Christian Scripture and practice, with proven therapeutic benefits.

Why Mindfulness Oriented Therapy?  When is a problem really a problem?  When it interferes with our life, our joy, our relationships, or our livelihood.  Missing days at work, missing school, sacrificing activities that bring us joy, or missing events with family and friends are signs that we may be “stuck” in some way.  Mindfulness oriented therapy emphasizes developing self awareness that empowers us to break through barriers that hold us back.

Why Spiritual Discernment?  Judeo-Christian Scripture tells us that Spirit is like a breath or a breeze, something we can feel but not directly see. Spirituality is the gift of discerning the presence of Spirit, the breath that gives us life, that connects us with our Higher Power, with each other, and with ourselves. For some people, Spiritual discernment brings comfort, joy, hope, meaning, and a sense of purpose.  Sometimes Spiritual discernment comes easy, sometimes discernment can be difficult. Sometimes we have meaningful Spiritual experiences, or even serious questions and doubts, that we wish to share.  At Sunrise Meditation and Counseling we offer a safe, non-judging environment for questioning, for sharing, and for discerning who we truly are, who the Spirit calls us to be.

Why Recovery? Habits, addictions, obsessions, all have a way of “taking over” lives.  Our recovery workshops provide education and strategies for establishing and maintaining physical, emotional, and Spiritual health.  Our workshops help to increase self awareness, promote emotional stability, and encourage healthy relationships.   Our recovery workshops include mindfulness oriented meditation instruction.

Our workshops cost 25.00 (book two workshops for 40.00, back to back or bring a friend) and individual therapy costs 80.00.  Sliding fees are available based on need.

Please call 678-358-8775 or visit our contact and reservation  page to request more information.